About Danielle

Middle school ELA, social studies, and AVID teacher, AVID Coordinator, AVID Staff Developer and Consultant, and Google Certified Trainer who loves to learn, grow, share, and learn some more!

My Personal Mission Statement: Empower educators to meaningfully utilize technology to engage, empower, and impact students’ lives and ignite the agency needed to succeed in the 21st-century global society.

M.A.Ed Digital Teaching and Learning 2014, AVID Teacher Advocacy Award 2015, Teacher of the Year 2018

I am in my 9th year as a middle school teacher in San Diego, CA. I teach 8th grade Social Studies, Language Arts, and AVID and serve as the AVID coordinator at our school which is an AVID National Demonstration School. During my first year as a teacher, I earned my Masters in Digital Teaching and Learning and have been empowered by educational technology ever since. A little over two years ago, I became an AVID Staff Developer which has been an incredible networking and learning experience. I have had the opportunity to learn from so many educators at my school, in my district, and with the #powerofaPLN, around the world. I have also had an opportunity to provide many opportunities for professional development and with each new experience as an educator, I am always reminded that I will always be a lifelong learner. With that knowledge does come power, and I have decided to do what I always tell my students and that is to make an impact in this world.

As the world opens and our classroom doors open, what have we learned in the past year that we can take back with us to build those relationships, reach those learning outcomes, and give students even more ownership and agency over their learning?

I am here because I know I make an impact every single day in the four walls of my classroom, and I know I can make an impact on many teachers beyond the walls of my school. Whether you’re a first-year teacher, a fellow AVID teacher and/or coordinator, a veteran, and/or edtech extraordinaire, we can always get those “little knowledge nuggets” as I like to call them. So, here I am! And, if you’re still reading this, here YOU are, ready to learn and grow with me! #Bettertogether

You can follow me on Twitter @DReyesEdu, Instagram @TechEmpoweredTeacher

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