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I am Danielle Reyes ~ Edtech enthusiast and AVID advocate

Middle School ELA, Social Studies, and AVID Teacher, AVID Coordinator, AVID Staff Developer and Consultant, Google Certified Trainer, and lifelong learner!

Here to inspire you and spark ideas with tips, tricks, and tech tools!

Recent Blog Posts:

eBinders, eNotebooks, and ePortfolios with Google Sites: Students Collect, Reflect, and Recollect their Learning Story 📖

The Why: Collect, Reflect, and Recollect. A student portfolio is a wonderful way to allow students to showcase what they’ve accomplished and also reflect on their progress and make future goals going forward. While one of the main reasons for an “eBinder” is to collect work, it is so much more than a file system.…

Vision Boards and One Word Goals to Kick-Start the New Year

“The most important thing to maintaining a habit is getting buy-in from yourself.”-Adithya Chakravarthy At the start of a new school year and/or new calendar year, teachers and students can kick-start their goals by creating vision boards and one word goals. It’s important to note how important the journey is and not just the end…

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