Jigsaw 🧩️ – A Collaborative Learning Structure Modified for Hybrid/Blended Learning

With a loss of instructional minutes during the 2020-2021 school year, I found myself brainstorming ways I could still cover the content, spark critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity, and still get to some of those big topics I wanted to cover. I didn’t have time for students to read every full chapter, do someContinue reading “Jigsaw 🧩️ – A Collaborative Learning Structure Modified for Hybrid/Blended Learning”

Student-Led Conferences Tips and Resources

“Parent-Teacher Conferences” are usually held in the fall of each school year. I like to frame it differently because, really, it should be student-centered. So, I call it “Student-Led Conferences.” Because I teach ~125 students, it’s not realistic to meet with all parents during the conferences. Instead, I meet with those who are consistently earningContinue reading “Student-Led Conferences Tips and Resources”